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Creating sensory wine events where wine, music, and memories meet.

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Welcome to Rhythm & Wine!

At Rhythm & Wine, we believe in creating unique, sensory, wine tasting experiences. All 5 senses will be engaged as you see, smell, and taste the wine. You'll feel the energy in the room while listening to paired music. Our mission is to provide you and your guests with a fun and educational way to explore great wine, fabulous friends, delicious food and memorable music.

We offer a variety of wine tasting experiences and classes that will help you understand the basics of wine tasting, open your palate to different types of wine and allow you to encounter wines from various states and countries around the world. Gather your friends, family, and colleagues, or come make new friends with strangers and become enraptured in a Rhythm & Wine Experience. 

Wine Tasting Experiences Packages


The Moscato
| Mos·ca·to |

This Sweet noble grape package allows you to utilize your personal wine selection and desire an experience to be added your palate.

The Nebbiolo
| nebi·o·lo |


A robust package for a more robustly fun wine experience with elegance, glamor, and a sweet finish.


The Gewurztraminer |Guh.VOORTS.truh.MEE.nur |

This Aromatic package allows you to have open your palate with curated wines and the element of curiosity just like this delightful grape.


The Shiraz
| shi·raz |

Let the notes of ripe red and black fruits, vanilla, smoke and pepper be added to your life with this spicy package.

For Pricing and Packages:

Who do I love to work with?

Wine Toasting

One on One

Friends and Family


Whether you are looking to develop your wine skills just for yourself, want to learn how to choose the best wine for your next dinner party, or how to work with food pairings, I would love to help you take the first sip!


Having a girls' night? Maybe it is a family holiday but want to jazz it up a little. I am here to bring the fun to your next gathering!

Learn more about my offerings!

Do you have a business with a team? Events are always a great way to help your team become closer and work on communication and build connections!


Hi, I'm Juanice!

I am obviously a wine-lover, but more importantly, I am a lover of people and have a passion for bringing people together to experience something unique. When you combine wine, music, food and good people, the energy in the room becomes palpable. Combining all the things I love and sharing them with others is pure magic. Friends laughing and the clinking of glasses together is simply music to my ears.


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