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Wine Tasting Experiences Packages


Moscato | Mos·ca·to

This sweet noble grape package allows you to utilize your personal wine selection and desire an experience to be added your palate.


Gewurztraminer |

This unique package allows you to have open your palate with new wines and the element of curiosity just like this delightful grape.

out_of_this_world_ winetasting_party.png

Nebbiolo | 

Are you ready to dive into more robust wines, fun and leave with a unique impression on your guests?


Shiraz | 

Let the notes of ripe red and black fruits, vanilla, smoke and pepper be added to your life with this package.


How I Got Started

The origin of R&W came from a lively conversation with a great friend on what I desired to do next to have the lifestyle we discussed for the future. You know, "What is in your 5 to 10-year plan?" In this simple, yet thought-provoking discussion, I was challenged to find what I liked and to see if it could be a business. 

As the music played in the background, I thought about my love for all types of music.  My family-infused music into everything we did from cleaning the house, and hanging out at a BBQ to church service and the Friday night church dances.  In 6th grade, I started playing the flute and went to Florida A & M University on a Band scholarship. The Marching 100 gave life to music in a whole different way that made me even more passionate about each note in a harmonious sound. 

My second fun thing to do was to learn and savor wine. From the day an Italian grandmother on a cruise in 2010, set a bottle on our table and said "You need Vino in your life" to becoming a certified  wine educator, wine has fascinated me. The sheer sensory connection one has with wine and food makes my heart pump faster! I loved talking about wine with friends, family and colleagues.

I turned proudly, looked at him and stated I love music and wine. Confidently, I was cheering myself on for boldly claiming that epiphany just for him to say,  "So how do you put that into a business?"  I exhaled, rolled my eyes and stepped up to the next challenge bewildered by that question.

That next weekend, I had the pleasure of going to our company dinner. The aroma of fresh oregano, parmesan and baked focaccia was wafting all over Mia Bella's that night.  The melodic notes from the funky live music was enticing my body to dance to the pulse as I was savoring a glass of wine. My colleague asked me, "What are you drinking?" As I talked about it,  the music hit me where I added the words to the discussion. My colleague was so intrigued with the story that they got the same wine and complimented me on my description, saying that is exactly it. 

A giant chandelier of light bulbs went off in my head. This is my business! I picked up the phone and called him as I hurried to my car. Rhythm and Wine was formulated that night. 

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Houston, TX, USA


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