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Great idea....Tarnished

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

It is funny. When I put this together, I was so hyped because there are great wines at all price ranges. I wanted to make an impression.

I had dressed the table with a clear silver ribbed charger plate, a white heavy duty plate plates on top, with a clear clefted ribbed smaller plate on top of it. On top of the place setting was a medium weighted note card with each grape varietal and space for writing. To the right, silver polka dotted napkins with a clear fork lay on top. Above it was a bag of gold coins. The wine was shifted to the left with a R&W Wine charm on the rim. A black pen was placed at the top of the plate. The set up was done. The 6 wines were chilled and placed in individual brown bags with a tie to keep it from being revealed before the time.

As guests arrived, the theme song played and people got to know one another. I made sure I shook everyone's hand to welcome them to the Pop-Up.

Then it happened... the intro followed by an accented line for food. Ugh!!!

So elegant yet cheapened by the experience of a line.. We are not cattle...

There was no ride at the end of the line just food...So disappointed..

My guests felt fine with it yet for me, I desire to give a better experience!

More about the event later.. I'm still wounded...

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