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Upgrade your Palate

Sometimes as wine lovers we settle for wines that are familiar and common to our palate. Introducing different grapes and blends can make some wine people cringe with the thought of palate invasion.

I ordered a glass of Gavi at an Italian restaurant last night to go with a Proscuitto and Arugula pizza. The waiter looked at me surpised and nodded with delight. In his excitement, he proceeded to tell me about the bottle and for it was more crisp with white fleshy fruits on the nose, fullier bodied with a medium finish, I laughed. First, your surprised that I selected the Gavi and now you want to upgrade me with wine terms and volume. A entire bottle for 1. Wow what an interesting exchange. Oh and it was Delicious!!

Most restaurants carry a few unique grape varietals or blends depending on the clientele and because they know how it pairs with their creations. How often it is requested is a different story. 🤔

My advice, be adventurous. Ask about a new wine you are unaware of, listen for its characteristics, and inquire about what pairs well with it. If they are unsure, they may get a Sommelier to come and romance you into trying it.

Let the Somm do their magic. That's an upgraded experience!

Cheers to your next wine invasion. 🥂Share your experience. I would love to hear about it.

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