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When it's good....Yes Please

Being a WSET 3 student is an in-depth journey into all the aspects of wine. From the way the land embraces the vine to the characteristics of the wine based on climate to the 16 step tasting note, it encompasses all of the joys of this wonderful libation. During class, we taste various wines from all around the world to relish in the characteristics of the wine.

Outside of learning fruits like Bramble, idenifying the savoring fennel or depicting the tertiary note of forest floor and mushrooms, we decipher the quality level. Some make us say, it is Acceptable based on, BLIC, (Balance, Length, Intensity, and Complexity), while others are ranked OUTSTANDING.

It is hilarious when we all agree on outstanding because you see grown folks licking the tasting glass to the last drop. This happend even if we have already tasted 4 other wines..haha.

Now, apply that to a dinner or tasting, and when it is good, the bottle is gone.

Here's the deal.

For the wine world yes there are "guidelines", yet in your wine world, it is what is OUTSTANDING to your palate. "Cheap and cheerful" to "Robust and Hearty", you are the keeper of your wine vault.

So explore the wines and say yes more please when that Redcurrant, Strawberry, Violet, Mint, Brioche, and Preserves awaken your palate and puts a smile on your face especially when the food pairing is delish!

Yes, More Wine Please!

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