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Wine, Meat, Cheese and a guru: Always a Hit

I remember having a conversation with Sherry back in April about doing a Charcuterie class and wine tasting. I didn't know how to do it or who to ask. She thought it was a great idea for someone to partner with me for it. I asked if she would like to do it. That was met with a " I think you can find a great partner to do it with". (Yes, you). As we created more events, I approached the idea again. She stated the same thing for about 3 months.

Please know that I am a little persistent. I did her request to ask someone and that person was shy as well. I went back to Sherry and gave it one more try. This time she asked, what do you envision? The door was open, I vomited so many thoughts and how we can pair the wine and teaching to create a cool experience. She told me she would get back with me.

The call came, " Sooo, I thought about, and I do know a ton about Charcuterie, Let's do it!" We projected, got the space, advertised and talked it through. She was prepared and so was I. Then the day comes...

Nervous sets in and we were off to the races at 1 pm. Time was lapsing, the wine portion was behind by 2 wines at 2 pm, we were supposed to be done by 2:30p, what to do? Regroup ladies, we got this. The technique was grand, I volleyed and she came back. We ended with a toast to make everyone know how excited we were to celebrate this first collaboration. The crowd was pleased with it all and got to take home some adorable boards. Success!

Lessons were learned and victory was made. Sherry accepted my challenge and came through with pairing knife in hand and tricks in her binder. Salud!

Look for another class in Spring 2024!


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This was the BEST little surprise of HAPPINESS in a small group. It was intimate and fun. Had the ability to meet new people that could turn into friends. Great size and patients when the knife 🔪 is the wrong way 😂! Please 🙏🏾 do this more often! Thanks! Totally forgot to mention the WINE TASTING, it was an amazing pairing with KNOWLEDGE from history to price. YOU can not go wrong with this venue and YES, I would recommend as I will be looking out for the Spring 2024 session, see you soon!

Happiness in a Box!! Made by m Me ! With Wine!

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