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And the Award Goes to...

What a evening! The Paparazzi were taking pictures, wine was being analyzed and I was having the hardest time not to lead the Judges on flavors and aromas. Yikes!

It was so much fun. AR Workspace was amazing and Ms. Jackie got a kick out of the set up and mystery to what a Rhythm and Wine event really is about. Letting her come in and tell us about the establishment was respectfully advertised. She got a sale too.😉

Initially, it was 3 categories, which grew to 5, with the addition of Sparkling and Red Single Grape Varietal. The spontaneous suggestion from the Judges was to do a Best Overall. The sheer excitement had everyone at the ready, which meant more wines to try.

The judges listened to the info on each winery or vineyard, then proceeded to smell, taste, pair, sing and compare notes. The laughter and admirable intensity to see which one really deserved the award was educational and highly entertaining.

To our 7 Judges, THANK YOU for allowing an idea to come to fruition and be amazingly fun beyond imagination.

NEXT YEAR: We are taking it up a notch! Get Ready!


White Wine: Invivo X SJC by Sarah Jessica Parker

Rose: Hampton Water by Jessie and Jon Bon Jovi

Red Blend: Dreaming Tree by Dave Matthews

Red Single Grape Varietal: The Calling Pinot Noir by Jim Nantz

Sparkling: Vera Wang Party by Vera


Best Overall: Intercept Red Blend by Charles Woodson

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